Fishers Recovery Plan

A future-focused plan to ensure a safe, smart recovery from COVID-19.
Testing | Tracing | Business Assistance

How do I get tested?


Complete the assessment through Mid-America Clinical Lab. Testing is prioritized for those experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and high-risk individuals.


Through our partnership with Mid-America Clinical Lab and the Fishers Health Department, daily drive-thru testing is available to Fishers residents ages 5+ and businesses.


The Fishers Health Department will manage the operations of extensive contact tracing to limit additional infections in our community using advanced data analytics and technological solutions in addition to traditional contact interview methods.

Take the assessment:

The Fishers COVID-19 test is not a substitute for any testing ordered by a physician and/or ordered prior to a surgical procedure.

Fishers Community-Wide Data Dashboard

Fishers Testing Center Data Dashboard

Fishers COVID-19 Recovery Plan Overview

How do we create our new normal?

Before this global pandemic, both the health of the population and the economy were vital for a sustainable community, but they weren’t necessarily inextricably linked.

In the future, the sustainability of a community will be measured by how successful cities are at integrating public health with their local economy.

Steps to implement Fishers public health infrastructure.

Step 1

Establish City Health Department

Step 2

Provide easily accessible COVID-19 testing for Fishers residents

Step 3

Provide easily accessible COVID-19 testing for Fishers businesses

Step 4

Provide real-time data analytics for the health department and Fishers community

Step 5

Develop Business Recovery Teams to deploy and assist residents and businesses in the mitigation of COVID-19

Step 6

Provide extensive awareness, engagement, training, and resources for businesses and community organizations to operate safely in our new environment

Steps to implement our economic recovery.

Testing, Tracing & Data

Provide accessible testing and data for businesses and their employees

Start-Up and Recovery Loan (SURL) Program

Launch program to fund start-up and re-launch costs for businesses to begin operations

Business Recovery Team

The Fishers Health Department will work alongside businesses to ensure workers and customers are safely working and patronizing buildings

Business Recovery Center

Provide education, engagement, training, and resources to businesses to operate safely and informed in our new environment

Launch Fishers Entrepreneurship Recovery Program

A joint initiative between the City of Fishers and Launch Fishers as part of the City’s COVID-19 Recovery Plan that will stimulate new business creation in Fishers.

Temporary Signage

Extend temporary signage ordinance lift to help businesses promote essential commerce

Stormwater Utility Bills

Continue stormwater utility bill delay for commercial customers through July 20

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