Frequently Asked Questions

Testing FAQs

Who is eligible to receive COVID-19 testing?

All incorporated Fishers residents ages 5 and older are eligible for testing. Residents do not have to be symptomatic in order to take the test.

Parents and guardians can schedule appointments for children aged 5-17. Residents wishing to secure a COVID-19 testing appointment for their minor child(ren) 5 and older will need to consent for any minor and accompany the child to the testing.

Minor children who are sick or experiencing any unusual symptoms should be fully assessed by their primary medical provider. The assessment and COVID-19 testing are not medical evaluations and should not be considered a substitute for any testing ordered by a medical provider.

The Fishers Health Department has lowered the age for testing as it anticipates a stronger demand for testing due to the return to in-person learning by Hamilton Southeastern School District on September 8 for grades Pre-K through fourth.

How can I prepare my child for COVID-19 testing?

Testing is now available for children ages 5 and older.

Prior to bringing a young child for testing, parents and guardians are encouraged to watch the video with their child about the testing process to prepare them on the testing procedure.

Learn more on how to support your child during the testing procedure with this video from Mayo Clinic.

Can non-Fishers residents, or unincorporated Fishers residents, utilize testing services for a fee?

No, testing is only available for incorporated Fishers residents at this time.

What types of tests will be conducted?

Nasal swab test.

Will antibody or antigen testing be available?

Not at this time.

Who will conduct testing?

Paramedics from the Fishers Fire Department will perform COVID-19 tests. Test results will be provided by Mid-America Clinical Laboratories.

How do I sign up for a test?

Residents must take an assessment and make an appointment online at www.fishersrecovery.com/testing. If you need assistance or do not have access to a computer, call the Coronavirus Hotline at 317-595-3211. No walk-up testing will be permitted.

How often will testing be available?

Testing is available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Appointments must be made online in advance at www.fishersrecovery.com/testing.

How quickly will test results be available?

Test results will be available in 3 business days.

What follow-up will be done with the patient after testing?

Along with providing testing results to all those tested, individuals diagnosed with COVID-19 will be followed up with to gather their contacts so the Health Department can get in touch with all contacts discovered. This is a best practice referred to as contact tracing.

Are Fishers businesses eligible for testing?

Yes, Fishers businesses can partner with the Fishers Health Department to obtain testing for their employees. Additionally, the Health Department partners with businesses in Fishers to provide PPE sample-kits consisting of masks and gloves in order to properly protect their employees as they begin to re-enter the workplace.

Extensive education is also available to businesses to provide recommendations and guidance in accordance with CDC guidelines in regards to cleaning and disinfecting techniques, physical space layout to ensure social distancing, and how to utilize the city testing software and facility to ensure rapid testing opportunities are made available.

Businesses can access these support programs by visiting www.fishersrecovery.com/recovery.

Where is the funding for the free testing coming from?

While the state of Indiana does not require a municipality to have a cash reserve policy, the City of Fishers has maintained a policy of holding cash reserves of at least 50% of the following year’s projected property tax revenue. The City’s fiscally responsible management has provided the City with excess cash reserves for a “rainy day.” That day has come, and there is no more worthy use of the City’s funding than to be able to provide its residents with the ability to request and receive a COVID-19 test free of charge. The Fishers City Council approved the resolution 8-1 to appropriate those reserve funds to pay for these tests.

Will the department provide local recommendations related to COVID-19?

Yes, in coordination with the City of Fishers, the Fishers Health Department will advise on the guidelines and recommendations for the community. Currently, the Department is following all CDC recommendations and guidelines.

How will the Fishers Health Department work with the Hamilton County Health Department and Indiana State Department of Health?

The Fishers Health Department will report data and coordinate with the Indiana State Department of Health as required by state law. The Health Department will coordinate with the Hamilton County Health Department as needed.

Will the Health Department operate beyond the COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes. The Fishers Health Department will conduct all State-required activities and programs.

What non-COVID-19 services will the Fishers Health Department offer?

For a full list of Fishers Health Department services, visit their web pages at www.fishers.in.us/healthdepartment.

What other Hamilton County municipalities currently have their own health department?

Fishers is the first municipality in Hamilton County, and the third in Indiana, to establish its own health department.

How much money is being spent on this initiative?

The City of Fishers has dedicated $2.5 million to provide free testing to residents and the Start-Up and Recovery Loan program for businesses.

Is this going to raise my taxes?

No. The Fishers Health Department will be financially supported by existing tax revenue that is currently allocated at the County level.